Transferable skills

Learning about what skills you have can not only boost your confidence but also can help you sell yourself when you need to. And trust me, in today’s world you will need to sell yourself more than once.


Think about your skills, personality, accomplishments all in terms of transferable skills. Look through this list of transferable skill sets to see which apply to you. Think about where you are lacking and would like to gain. Make a list of transferable skills you have and note where you gained and improved those skills. Be sure to also keep examples handy because you will have to show, not simply tell. In your cover letter is where you will show, not tell, a potential employer how your transferable skills will… for a lack of a better word, transfer to that company or position.

College students have skills, too. Let’s say you only think yourself as a lower college students. First off, you made it into a higher education institution, so pat yourself on the pack. Secondly, you’re gaining valuable and yes, transferable skills in the classroom, too. And you thought Econ 101 was worthless. Explore how your classroom skills can transfer into the workforce.

Lastly, here are some examples of cover letters that exemplify transferable skills.


I wouldn’t have made it to this day without my parents giving me many transferable skills (how to kind, patient, hard-working, fun-loving and much much more.)