make Room

Although my room is a hot mess because I’m living in limbo between school and home and abroad, I do hope to decorate my own room someday. These rooms have some good concepts. I like the pictures used to create wall art. I’m a fan of stringed lights in the bedroom.

via weheartit

I love the way the maps are stacked in this room. I own two of the small maps of New York and Paris. I bought these from a paper store in Italy; they were to be used as wrapping paper and super cheap. I found them too pretty and now use them as art. I love maps! Also, the photo mobile is a good touch. I have a photo mobile hanging in my room, too. You can find them cheap at Urban Outfitters or the Toy Store in Lawrence, KS. They are cheap and a great way to add photos if you don’t have wall space.


Happy decorating.