My dad blames summer camp for my love for travel. I blame no one.

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As a graduate of the University of Kansas, I love KU basketball and hate the color purple. (Favorite color? Green). At Kansas, I studied global and international studies along with journalism and mass communications with an emphasis in news and information in the William Allen White School of Journalism. Phew, that’s a mouth-full.
Born in San Jose, California to Craig and Leslie Weaver, I love coastal weather and good surf – that’s why I went to the University ofKansas. I left the coast at an early age for greener pastures. Raised in Overland Park, Kan., I spent most my summers volunteering at YoungLife summer camps across the U.S. In college, I spent my summers studying abroad or dreaming about my around-the-world trip. In undergrad, I completed an extensive undergraduate research project looking at the effects of international education on students.

I work remotely as a recruiter for Pro R.E.A. Staffing. I love real estate, recruiting, tacos and travel.

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