Ask yourself: What am I good at?

from’s “20 Ways to Find Your Calling.”


I really enjoyed the Forbes article, “20 Ways to Find Your Calling,” so I thought I’d expand on #7. Feeling satisfied with what I’m doing sounds like a great way to go through life, especially my work day.

This reminds me of a list I made a few weeks back. The list of some skills I have; it included: writing, editing, researching, investigating, interviewing, juggling multiple tasks, meeting goals and deadlines, managing time and information, taking and giving directions, adaptable, self-starter, communicative, customer services, flexible, leadership skills, go-getter, professionalism, management skills, and so on.

I encourage you to sit down and think about some of your own skills. Not only will it boost your confidence, it will prepare you to share your talents with friends, family, and potential employers.


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