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불닭 볶음면!! // Fire Noodle Challenge in Sonsam 손삼


Eating Fire Noodles 불닭볶음면

아 진짜 매워!!!

The meaning of life from a nine-year-old


Video via spirit science and metaphysics

This video was sent to me by a coworker. I love the thoughtfulness of this young boy’s explanations. “I mean I could be wrong,” he adds. I find that my students often say that they are too young—too young to help others, too young to make decisions, too young to know. I encourage them to see the power in their youth and to never doubt their abilities. Aging is not always a source of wisdom.

Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty


IMG_7529 IMG_7531IMG_7539


I visited the Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty last weekend. I’d recommend checking them out when you’re in Gangnam. However, I’d recommend waiting until the grass is green. This wasn’t the best way to experience the burial grounds.


Bucket List #119: Cheer at Wrigley Field

I knew I wanted to Cheer on the Cubs at Wrigley Field, so when I met Alex in 2010, it made sense to go to cross off Bucket List item 119 with him. Alex was a loyal Cubs fan yet had never been to Chicago.  I bought the tickets and planned a road trip to Chicago as a surprise. Watching Alex’s excitement not only when he opened the gift but also at the game was a gift in itself.
On May 16, 2010,  I experienced my first Cubs game at Wrigley. I  loved being there. The crowd, the atmosphere, the stadium, the views. It was something way bigger than myself. Plus, my date was incredibly knowledgeable about not only baseball but also the Cubs and their stadium. The Cubs game is one of the best baseball memory I had ever had.

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Mash-ups: ya or nah?


Norwegian Recycle’s “How Six Songs Collide.”

Watched: Enough Said

Staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini,  Enough Said is about two divorced middle-aged parents who are trying to start a relationship. Unfortunately for Albert, played James Gandolfini, Eva is a professional masseuse who has been rubbing down his ex-wife to get the dirty details of their divorce in order to protect herself. As you can imagine, this romantic comedy has twists and turns. All in all, it was cute, heart-felt and funny.  And to think James Gandolfini is best known as Tony Soprano when maybe his heart was more soft and kind like Alberts’.