Day 2: London: Making Art Fun

Day Two: Saturday, 4 June

Class came way too early the next day. After heading the wrong way on Bus 38, we were thirty minutes late. Being late on the first day can be expected, but that doesn’t mean it is appreciated. Class was fun. You heard me right; I liked class. We talked about three poems that I didn’t understand when I read them. But after some fun with Eric, our incredibly adorable teacher, I not only understood the poems but even liked them. You heard me right; now, I even like poetry. London could change me for the better. I even took notes on art history vocabulary and hope to use it soon.

After class, we visited the British Museum. It was incredible to see parts of the Parthenon called the Elgin Marbles and Egyptian artifacts. We made looking at art really fun!


After class the teachers and I went to the Museum Pub across the street from the British Museum. I had my first glass of Pimm’s. It is a type of summer brew with lots of fresh fruit put in. It is delicious. It was so fun to drink with our teachers and get to know them. They are both PhD students at KU and have great things to say. We’re so lucky to have teachers that have so much knowledge to pass on and do so in a fun way.

After a pub crawl, we headed over to Pizza Express, where we had our first group dinner, which I want to rename Family Dinner. It was a great way to get to know the people on my program better and the night was filled with many laughs.

Then post-dinner was our first night of clubbing in London. Club promoters are all over trying to get you to pay them to take you to a club. We got suckered in and got taken all across town just to find out the club wasn’t open. It was a disaster and everyone was mad. I wish we would’ve been smarter. Then finally we went to Jewel, which was a pretty club with dancing and lots of seating. The ceiling was covered in mirror tiles and the chandeliers were beautiful. The people were a good mix. There were loads of Hen parties, which are English bachelorette parties. They dress up in what they call “fancy dress,” what we call costumes.

After Jewel, some of us went to Tiger Tiger, which is a dance club. This is where I was later left by the group and had to roam home alone. It was pretty horrible, but I learned a good lesson in trusting people and communicating. I am thankful everything turned out fine, but I was not happy to be left in such a big city. I made it home safe and sound. Thankfully, I am used to navigating and traveling alone.

Chloe and I at the Jewel Bar. Sadly this is the only picture from my first night out in London.