Getting out of camp

I’ve been getting itchy feet lately. Living at a campsite is a tad exhausting. So when I have time off from reception, I love getting out of the camp. Two days ago, Hamish took me on an outing. His friend, Jamie, was visiting. The three of us hoped into a Wicked Camper Van and hit the open road.

First stop was Andechs Monastery. Andechs is near Lake Amersee. The drive there was beautiful. Rolling hills and heaps of greenery. The Monastery really is not a monastery at all; it has now been turned into a brewery. Yup, monastery turned brewery. The beer was somewhat sweet and I loved it. Jamie, Hamish and I split a pork knuckle, potatoes and pretzels with fancy cheese dips.

After having a look around, we headed south to the Neuschwanstein castle. It was a long hike up a steep hill just to find the castle hiding behind thick fog. However, the ride home was nice. I sat in the very back of the van and journaled as Jamie and Hamish chatted.

It was nice to get away from the campsite.