Little notes from Europe

I have been taking notes here and there on my iPad during the trip. I have not been great about journaling. Is anyone ever as good as they’d like to be? Here are some notes I typed during my time in Europe:

Today is Sept. 19 and it has been raining on and off all day. I think that I  have been here since last Thursday. Today is Wednesday. We finally left the campsite yesterday to go into town around three in the afternoon. We did Frankie’s Bike Tour and rode to the World’s Second Largest Beer Garden, Englischer Garten. It has a compactly of 6,000 people. The World’s Largest is also in Munich and can house 10,000 people.  That’s a lot of Beer Drinking.

Munich is the Drinking Capitol of the World. Hence why Oktoberfest is here, eh?