London Transportation

London Transportation

I love public transportation. I think this every time I visit Chicago and when I traveled Europe. London’s public transportation is especially great. If I can’t find a bus route, there’s a tube station within walking distance.

If I were to compare the Tube and the buses, I would say the Tube is more convenient because of its speed, but the buses are more leisurely. On a Tube you usually had to switch lines and transfer at some point, but the speed is key. I am sucker for convenience and speed. With the bus, you get to see more of the city streets and people-watch, which is good for the mornings when I’m dragging myself to class. But in the afternoons and evenings, the bus is too slow for my liking. Both systems have their pros and cons. Overall, I like the Tube best.

Traveling in large groups became difficult. It was obvious who knew where they were going and who was simply tagging along. I liked being in control of my own journey, but sometimes it was nice to just follow someone and spend little time and energy navigating the city. When we were heading to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the group got split up. I thought it made more sense to carry on and meet at the Cathedral, but not everyone thought the same thing and some people walked around the tube station looking for the group. This is where it was important for everyone to know where we’re going and how to get there.Knowing where you’re going in London was a feat in itself, but by the end of the two weeks, I can say I can confidently navigate. That doesn’t mean I will always know the best way to get somewhere, but I will make it from point A to point B.

My last comment: traveling on the Tube is fun.

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