I arrived To Munich today.

The company is so sweet  Mostly Aussies. So hot! 50 more interns come tomorrow so I’m not the only newbie! I rode a bus Barcelona to Munich the past three days. It was such a crappy ride. The driver took not one but two 11 hour breaks! No wonder it took three days! Damn Spaniards.

It was just seven of us who rode the bus so we all got to know each other pretty well. Two Aussie girls,  two aussie boys, one south african girl, another American girl and I! Love it here already.
It is cold in Munich. I’m wearing a scarf and half zip. Brr. Loving it though. I’ll be here a month. I’m working reception. That’ll be nice. I like the three girls I’ll be doing it with. We have more than 5,000 travelers staying with us! On one Saturday there’s 1,700 ppl booked! There are huge tp tents. Pretty neat. I’ll get my own small tent which won’t be too bad. I just spent two nights on a stupid bus. A tent is an upgrade.