Oktoberfest 1.0

It was a sunny day here in Munich. Thankful to have the day off, I tightened my dirndl, the traditional dress for Oktoberfest. The dirndl is a gift to women and men alike. It fastens in the front lifting the breasts and accentuating the waist enhancing the womanly figure of all that dare to wear the dirndl. With the girls up and ready, I jumped on the 164 bus with more than sixty eager guests making our way to the train station. The train ride into the city center was quick and entertaining. Hundreds of people sported their Oktoberfest dress and  some traveled with beer in hand ready to drink their day away.

I was with friends of friends that day. Everyone was Aussie and ready to have a good time. I quickly bonded with a Aussie girl who helped me find the Lowenbrau tent, where I waited for twenty minutes until I ran into more Stoke staffers and friends. We waited outside the doors in the heat. My cheeks started to redden, and I grew inpatient. Just then a good looking Kiwi from the campsite welcomed me with a huge hug. He and friends had a table outside the tent and after a friendly invitation, I joined them for a stein.

The Kiwi was a fire fighter in Dublin and came with a friend who owns a marketing company in Dublin. The steins were delicious and the conversation was good. The friendly fire fighter slowly became too friendly and I excused myself to the toilet. The security guards welcomed me into the tent as I walked past the front doors, where an hour earlier I waited impatiently. I took that as a sign from God to join the fun into the tent.

Thousands of people surrounded tables all throughout the beer tent. It was like walking into a VIP party where everyone is considered VIP. Thankfully I easily spotted the Stoke staff amongst the 10,000 festival goers. I joined them and quickly forgot about my need to pee. The tents go completely mad when certain songs come on. For example, when the life band begins to play “Sweet Caroline,” the crowd goes mad. People hop up into their benches with their stein in hand. Some take the liberty to stand atop the table. It’s glorious.

A newly made friend and I scouted out a good place to sit. We made friends with the people next to us mostly because they had food. The three of them had ordered enough food for five people. So once they left the table, Strappy and I helped ourselves to delicious sausages, potatoes and pretzels. Life couldn’t be better. Drinking the best beer around, eating free food and having good laughs all afternoon.

The boys were gunning to ride the rides all day. So as we finished our steins, we made our way out of the beer halls and toward the roller coaster. Not many know that Oktoberfest includes a giant carnival with rides and carnival games. The roller coaster is not just some set-it-up-in-a-day-dinky-roller- coaster. It was a full out roller coaster with multiple upside down loops and drops. I doubt riding it after two steins was the smartest move, but after giggling my way through the whole ride, I can tell you that riding the roller coaster at Oktoberfest is a highlight of my trip. It was amazing. We also rode another upside down ride called High Energy. From up there, you see the tops of all the halls and all the thousands of people enjoying the Oktoberfestivities. It was a beautiful sight. The sun was setting to the West and the sight was magnificent.

The boys wanted to display their manliness by playing a shooting game. They were sweethearts and won me a little lamb. The lamb paired with the rose they bought me earlier made me a very lucky girl. I had drank steins in Oktoberfest, ate delicious food, rode rides and was making my way back to the campsite via taxi. Life was good.

That concludes my first experience in Oktoberfest. As a tease, the first experience has nothing on the second. Oktoberfest is amazing.