porque? perché? why?

Italian fashion is hard to ignore. Even in my best I looked aweful in Italy. Dang you Italian women in your 4-inch heels. Blessed.

The food was what I miss most of Italy. Here is a dish I helped prepare in a real Italian kitchen.

Michaelangelo's David can be seen a few times while in Florence and even around the world.

The Duomo can be seen from all over Florence. It was a daily reminder that I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

Why I like Italian more than Spanish:

1. the language is beautiful – everything seems smoother and like a song

2. the people are beautiful – they dress better than I could ever imagine

3. the food is to die for – ah, thinking about makes me want to buy a plane ticket

4. I love Michaelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Botticelli, Donatello
(and no not the tuttles)

5. the overall feel in Italy is different: slow, soothing and sexual

6. Whenever I think I’m speaking Spanish, I’m actually speaking Italian: my subconscious loves Italian more


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