Program I’ve considered

I have spent hour upon hours looking at and researching programs. These programs include teaching English abroad, volunteering in the U.S., working with kids, traveling the world or helping out your neighbor.

I thought it’d be helpful to create a running tally of all the programs I have spent time looking at. I might’ve simply heard about it and still know nothing about it, or I might have gone as far as applying for the program. Maybe something will spark your interest.

What does someone in international studies do with their major? Good Question! Here is an extensive list of internships, links and helpful information for those who study international studies or foreign languages.

Here I am in a bus spot parking lot in downtown Kansas City with Elizabeth Werner, Jill Nowak and Monica Powers. (I’m on the far right). We have our packs packed for Peru. First, we took a long bus ride to Chicago to catch our flight from Chicago to Peru.