Moleskine Madness

As some of you might have guessed, I love my Moleskine notebooks. No, surprise there. Now, you may also know that when I like something, I love it.They’re quality notebooks for people like me, who love to write and appreciate style when they do. Moleskines provide an incredible writing experience with its flawless design – the pages lie flat and leather binding hold the pages well. My gel pens glide on the pages and always look nice. I’m known to press pretty hard when I write, so I appreciate quality gel pens and paper.

In all honesty, I am obsessed with Moleskine. That’s why I ended up on a Moleskine blog, called Moleskinerie. There are some cool stories on here. Including one about a guy who hiked for over 500 miles and recorded his adventures in his Moleskine diaries. There’s another story that follows a man’s journey on the Pacific Crest Trail through his Moleskines.

via moleskinerie

I have many Moleskines full of many adventures. My travels, trials and tribulations are all caught on paper inside my Moleskines. I will have to snap some pictures of them next time I’m at my parents’. Over four years of Moleskines are nicely placed in order on a bookshelf at their house.


Many Moleskine owner like to what-they-call “hack” their Moleskine and incorporate the GTD system, which encourages people to Get Things Done. Here’s a way to hack your Moleskin and make it a GTD Moleskine.