Edinburgh buses

I read this rather disturbing short story by Laura Hird called Routes. It was about a boy’s bus ride on his twelfth birthday. He had a filthy mouth and a depressing view of others. I do not like riding stories about young kids with such messed up lives. It makes me think how unfair life is and how some parents truly do not deserve take care of another life. On a lighter note, the story shows you a bit about what it is like to ride the buses here in Edinburgh.

While in Edinburgh, I have been staying in Pollock Halls, which are really nice one-bedroom dorms. The UK doesn’t believe students should have to share such a small place with other students. Man, my last three years of college would’ve been incredibly different had that been the case at KU and Theta. I am really enjoying having my own space. Pollock Halls are in walking distance from High Street also known as Main Street, but it is a really long walk. Thus, my program gave me bus passes to use while I’m here. I’ve hoped on the bus alone a few times over the past week and a half. It has been a great way to people watch – one of my favorite pastimes.

The thing I have noticed the most is the generosity of others. People are really nice here. When an elderly person enters the bus, people immediately vacate their seats for them. When a mother with her hands full of shopping bags and a child’s scooter entered the bus yesterday with her four-year-old daughter, a man helped the little girl to her seat while the mom struggled with all his bags. I believe the people here are less self-conscious about what people will think about their actions. Instead of worrying about what others think, they do what is right and help strangers. I’d like to think that I am constantly aware of those in need, but I know I could be better about helping others. Everyone probably could.