The Small Things

My inner-child ordered a bubblegum ice cream cone in Haworth. This simple little ice cream cone triggered a great conversation between Kelly, Jeremy and I. Kelly said that she seems to appreciate the little things more when traveling. This is a complete truth. This blue bubblegum ice cream is the best thing I’ve had in ages, I though. as I devoured the cone. I seem to appreciate the simple things a lot more when I am out of my element. An ice cream cone would just be another desert back home, but here it brightened my day, and I am even journaling about it.

Kelly also pointed out that even street signs, motorways and foreign cars amaze her. Everything seems to be a bit more intriguing. There is so much joy in the daily routine when abroad. I love the joy in traveling.

Day 13

Day 13: 15 June

Class today was about Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Modern Art. We were visiting the Tate Modern after class, which is located near the Thames in Southwak. Read my entries on the Tate Modern and London Neighborhoods to learn more about my both the Tate and Southwak.

I finally brought my Nikon D60 out today. I’ve been horrible at taking pictures. There’s no explanation for why I haven’t been bringing my Nikon with me. I’m disappointed in myself. However, maybe I was more in the moment without my camera. I’m making a point from now on to take loads of pictures. I was so disappointed to be using other students’ pictures for my blog entries.

After the Tate Modern, Alex, Eric, Megan, Loren and I headed over the Millennium Bridge to St. Paul’s Cathedral. By the way, the Millennium Bridge is the one that gets completely twisted and ruined in Harry Potter (the fifth one, maybe?). We wanted to climb St. Paul’s Cathedral, but couldn’t because a service had started. After a climbing failure, it was time for Chinese. The five of us ran into another group of BSI kids, who joined us for dinner. For a city of millions of people, we always seem to see someone out in the middle of the city.

Our small mob headed over to China Town to satisfy our hankering for Chinese. After a walk through China Town, it occurred to us that all the restaurants looked the same. We choose one off of some ridiculous reasoning, but we choose right. It was the best Chinese I’ve ever had. Check out my entry about London food for more food stories. After dinner, it was time to work and unfortunately, I still didn’t have Internet in the flats. That means I had to travel to the Accent center to work on paper. I met Sunny there and we worked diligently for hours on end. Finally when it neared midnight, I decided to call it a night.

Winston and I enjoyed raspberry ice cream before the Tate Modern. In honor of the Tate, I made this a modern version of Winston and our ice cream.