The British Library

The British Library 8 June

The British Library has been my favorite museum I’ve visiting in London thus far. The medieval manuscripts were amazing to see up close. Looking at a slide show of some old books is not the same as viewing them first-hand. I could see the ink marks and texture of the paper. My favorite thing I saw was the Gutenberg Bible. As a journalism major, I have been tested over who invented the printing press. Johann Gutenberg was the first to use a printing press. The Gutenberg Bible is a complete version of the Bible. There were 180 copies made and there are only four complete copies left. I heard it is the most expensive book in the world. It was incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. The printing press has changed the world immensely. I don’t know if journalism would be around without it. Before we went to the library, we learned about how manuscripts were made back then and how they hand-wrote everything. Not only did they have to hand-make the paper, but had to hand-write every page. Then they added artwork to every page, too. In class we talked about the Lindisfarne Gospels, which looked amazing in the slides that Megan showed us. Unfortunately, the page that was displayed wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be. The Magna Carta was also on display. That was incredible. I also saw some of the Beatles notes for some of their famous songs. He wrote one on the back of his son’s birthday card. It was really cool to see. Most everything was really cool to see. I liked the old manuscripts a lot. It is amazing that humans have been recording stories for thousands of years and that we still read those same stories today.

Here’s an amazing picture of the Gutenberg bible. It was so dark in there that I wasn’t able to get a picture, but here’s someone else’s picture via google.

via google