The British Museum

The British Museum: 4 June

The first day of class was today and we went to the British Museum afterward. I love that the museums here are free. For our art history class we read about the Elgin Marbles, which were a part of the Parthenon in Greece. The Parthenon was a temple made in honor of Athena, Zeus’ daughter. He got a Greek goddess pregnant and killed her, I think. Then he became pregnant but inside of his head. She literally sprung from his forehead, Sunny says. She is considered a perfect woman because she was not born from a women. So the British Museum has these Elgin Marbles because Elgin brought them to England. The British government bought the marbles fair and square. Now Greece is building a big fancy museum and wants to Elgin Marbles back. They argue that the viewer can enjoy the Marbles better if they are all together in a Greek environment. I disagree; I like the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum. My arguments are simple:

  • More people can see them in London. Millions of people visit the British Museum every year.
  • The British Government bought them. If Greece had had more pride in keeping them, the Marbles wouldn’t be in London in the first place.
  • I enjoyed the Marbles just fine in London. I actually thought it was really neat to see something like that in the British Museum.
  • Lastly, Greece is tearing stuff down to build this museum of theirs. Obviously, they don’t have much care in conserving things if they’ll tear down the old to build the new, and they sold the Marbles away.

I know little to nothing about art, so I don’t know how educated my arguments are, but I really enjoyed seeing the Marbles. I’m glad they are here in London. Here are some of the pictures I took of the Elgin Marbles.