please and THANK YOU

I tweet, text, e-mail, Facebook and make phone calls daily. I am responsible for the University of Kansas Office of Admission social media sites. I have also tweeted for Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, a nonprofit called Dundori Orphan Project, the University Daily Kansan and our school’s magazine Jayplay.

Tweets, texts, e-mails. Our society is incredibly integrated into digital communications. But what about ole’ fashion pen and paper?

I am a Thank You card fanatic. Handmade cards, Hallmark cards. It doesn’t matter. I love to send cards.I want you to realize the importance of a thank-you. It leaves a wonderful and maybe even a long-lasting impression on those who you encounter, those who serve you and those who could possibly hire you.

via  Rifle  Paper Co.

Do it now. The moment someone does something nice is the moment you should start drafting a thank you. Now, don’t go over board and write thank you’s to all of those who hold the door open or compliment your new watch. Make sure a thank you is granted. Remember, timeliness is very important.

Be specific. Use names and details. If you’re thanking someone for their help, be clear on what you are thankful for. Let them know their services and kindness do not go unnoticed. Do not simply say thank you because you feel like you have to. Specific details express your appreciation.

Be personal. If you’re writing a thank you as a follow-up to an interview, address the letter to the interviewer personally. A personal touch is an important aspect of the art of thank you letters. I always try to put my e-mail and website on the back of the card to add a personal and communicative element.

Take your time. Draft the thank-you note. I can’t tell you how many times I have wasted nice stationary because of silly mistakes. Write it out on a scrape piece of paper before the final draft.

Don’t write something dumb or simply two sentences. Thanking them is a really nice gesture but not putting thought and time into it could show a lack of gratitude.

Be Fancy. You don’t have to splurge in order to get quality paper. Now a days, you can get a fat stack of blank cards from your local Target or office supply store. I prefer blank cards because then I can get my creative juices flowing.

Not creative? Buy a simple thank-you card with the words, “Thank you,” nicely printed on the front. Then you can even google: “How to write a Thank you.” To generate some good ideas. But remember, make it sound like it is coming from not just you but also from the heart.

Make a good lasting impression. Make a call to action and future communications by ending with, “I look forward to working with you in the future.” Or something of that nature. Also, don’t simply sign off with your first name. Use your full name.

Snail mail is a great art and should be apprecaited. Showing appreciation will only enrich your lives and your relationships with others. Write on.



travelpod + stoke travel

My travelpod blog has been getting lots of attention and I didn’t even know it. Now I do. Thanks to toby from Stoke travel. They are this incredible travel company. Kids, if you’re in Europe or near it this summer, you’d be a fool not to check these guys out. (Oh and Toby, I graduate May 2012. I can start work June 1).

Here are the boys showing everyone a good time at the Pamplona campsite.

This blog entry doesn’t do Pamplona, Spain, my experience there or Stoke travel any justice but it s a bloody good read.

I simply wrote about my awesome adventures through Spain, where I stayed with Stoke Travel a few times. Here is where I go on and on about cliff jumping. I’m the one that just jumped in!

I’m the one that just jumped in the Bay of Biscay! This is at Stoke Travel’s surf camp in the North of Spain.

For more pictures of my Spanish adventures, including one’s with Stoke Travel: Check out my facebook album at this public link. Enjoy!

Travel Pod is a really neat blog and I hope to continue to use it after my Europe and Peru trip this summer. I love the interactive map. Please check it out to see what my travels took me.

Thanks Travel Pod for the attention and thanks Stoke Travel for a good time.


USA TODAY College Blog

I visited Siena, Italy in June 2009. Every student should enjoy a study abroad trip before graduating. This photo is featured in the USA Today article.

I was published last semester in USA TODAY’s College Blog. I was asked to be a blog rep for the University of Kansas. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to write for them again soon. Check out the article.

The article is about Things You Should Do Before You Graduate. But even college grads should check it out – there might be things you need to go back and accomplish.

Let me know what you think should be added to the list. What fun things have you done that ever student should try? Been skydiving or to a broadway show? Tell us about your experiences. Leave a comment and let me know.