travelpod + stoke travel

My travelpod blog has been getting lots of attention and I didn’t even know it. Now I do. Thanks to toby from Stoke travel. They are this incredible travel company. Kids, if you’re in Europe or near it this summer, you’d be a fool not to check these guys out. (Oh and Toby, I graduate May 2012. I can start work June 1).

Here are the boys showing everyone a good time at the Pamplona campsite.

This blog entry doesn’t do Pamplona, Spain, my experience there or Stoke travel any justice but it s a bloody good read.

I simply wrote about my awesome adventures through Spain, where I stayed with Stoke Travel a few times. Here is where I go on and on about cliff jumping. I’m the one that just jumped in!

I’m the one that just jumped in the Bay of Biscay! This is at Stoke Travel’s surf camp in the North of Spain.

For more pictures of my Spanish adventures, including one’s with Stoke Travel: Check out my facebook album at this public link. Enjoy!

Travel Pod is a really neat blog and I hope to continue to use it after my Europe and Peru trip this summer. I love the interactive map. Please check it out to see what my travels took me.

Thanks Travel Pod for the attention and thanks Stoke Travel for a good time.