What am I doing?

Everyone is asking: “What am I doing?”

I am flying to Barcelona on Sunday. THIS Sunday. This past Monday, I sent two important emails. One that would change my life. I emailed a blog I am fond of and asked them to allow me to intern. No reply.

But first, I sent an email to Stoke Travel, a travel company that has ongoing trips in Spain and follows the festival circuit in Europe. The email went something like this: “I’m awesome. You’re awesome. Hire me. You know you wanna.” Something Barney Stinson would send from his iPhone to a hot woman he was going for. My luck was like Barney’s. It worked. At 8 a.m. the following day, the owner of Stoke Travel emailed me back and welcomed me to Barcelona to join the crew. The catch? Be here Monday.

“Monday?!” I thought. “It’s Tuesday!” 

What was a girl to do? I have two jobs. I’m working full-time as a House Manager for a nice family in Mission Hills, Kansas and I’m working part-time at The Gap. Do I quit my jobs? Buy a plane ticket for five days out? Move to Europe on a whim?


I quit both my jobs on Wednesday, bought a round-trip ticket to Barcelona and boom batta bang: I’m going to Europe on a whim.

What will I be doing? I’ll be straight with you all. I don’t know all the details. I will find out more on Monday when I meet up with the owner of Stoke Travel in Barcelona. I do know within 24 hours of landing in Spain, we will hop on a bus and head to Munich for  Oktoberfest. Yes, I will be working Oktoberfest! I’m joining the six million people who flock to Munich to celebrate good beer and to create good memories. I’m listing to the BBC’s Top 40 singles right now to prepare. Check out Lucy Spraggan’s audition on the X Factor. It’s epic and joyful.

If you don’t realize what Oktoberfest is all about, Google it. It’s going to be Legand. Wait for it… Dary!

Back story on Stoke Travel

When I traveled Spain in 2009, I participated in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. When I did that, I stayed with Stoke Travel, a Barcelona-based company that is ran by a bunch of awesome Aussies. They believe in the same type of travel that I believe in. They let the fun run the itinerary. After returning from Spain in ’09, I blogged about Stoke. Saying only good things, of course. Someone stumbled upon my write-up and alerted the owner of Stoke. He was so impressed that he offered me a free trip. This was in 2011, so I couldn’t take him up on the incredible offer. I was a student and was not about to fly to Spain on a whim. Oh, if only 2011 Sarah could see me now. Fast forward to Labor Day this year. I email, they reply and look at my plans now.

Here’s the Stoke crew from ’09. Who knows who’s still there.

The Stoke crew could’ve been an episode of Jackass. Very impressible blokes.

I stumbled onto Stoke with my travel buddy Mitch. Here we are with a KU buddy and Alex and Alex from Australia.

Here’s my lovely accommodations in Pamplona. Thanks Stoke for the super awesome tent.